Re: [tied] Mysian

From: george knysh
Message: 16787
Date: 2002-11-18

--- Patrick McConvell
<patrick.mcconvell@...> wrote:
> I am hoping someone can clear up confusions I have
> about the Mysian
> language. I am talking about the ancient language of
> Mysia in north-west
> Anatolia, between Troy and Pergamum, which
> presumably became extinct in the
> early part of the first millenium AD. The LINGUIST
> listing of extinct
> languages says its classification is unknown, yet
> others seem to think it is
> definitely Indo-European at least, although whether
> it might be related to
> Hittite, Thracian or Phrygian seems disputed. The
> other confusion is that
> the term Mysian is also applied to a Balkan language
> of Mysia or Moesia, and
> the term Daco-Mysian is also used. I am unclear
> whether people think this is
> actually the same as the Anatolian language Mysian
> or closely related; this
> may be explained somewhere so I would be glad of
> references.

******GK: Strabo (GEOGRAPHY, VII.3.2 ss.) thought that
the Asiatic Mysians were of the same stock as those
along the Danube, and classified both as Thracian. But
then he also believed that the Getae were Thracian.
Since it has been demonstrated on this list that
Daco-Getan and Thracian are distinct if closely
related languages, I suppose it is permissible to
argue that Asiatic Mysian was a Thrakoid speech

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