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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-20

I have no comments about your list (all well-known examples, sometimes slightly misquoted), except that there's no need to attribute Latin origin to Germanic *awo: 'grandmother' and *widuwo: 'widow' -- both respectable PIE words with plenty of cognates. All that these borrowings prove is that the Germani (and the Goths in particular) were within borrowing distance of the Roman world, which nobody doubts anyway. Why this should have been in Dacia, of all places (are there scorpions in Romania? aren't there prisons outside Romania? :)), is beyond my understanding, especially as some of the loans have a pan-Germanic distribution and their form suggests very early borrowing (not later than ca. AD 200). Dragane$ti's reasoning seems to be underlain by wishful thinking.
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these could get later in Northwest germanic frough the francs
& langobards. Dont you mind?And because you speak on object
let me tell you the gothic words in discution:
aket= vinegar
anakumbiam= to sit at a table
arka= chest
asilus= ass
arkeis= jug, cup
awo= grandmother
karkara= prison
katils= kettle
kaupon= to trade
lein= linen
lukarn= candle
mes= table
paurpura= purple garment
sakkus= sack cloth
sigliam= to seal
skaurpio= scorpion
wein= wine
widuwo= widow

disdailan = to divide
disbniupan= to tear in two
distahian= to distroy
distairan= to tear in pieces
diswiss= dissolution
[Here only the prefix is Latin; the roots are Germanic. -- Piotr]
laisareis= teacher
motareis= toll-taker
sokareis= disputer
wullareis= fuller

Composed words:
lukarna statha= candel stick
weina-gards= vineyard
weina-triu= wine tree
Transaltion or calques:
aina-baur= first-born
arma-hairtei= mercy ( lat. misericordia)
gud-hus= temple
mana-seth= mankind
us-kuths= well-known

Draganesti quote as fallow:
"The words belonging to the last three categories are
exceptionaly signifiant , borrowings of this kind of lexical
combination being only the consequence of relationship of
close co-habitation of broad masses of population speaking two
diferent languages".
He minds, just in Dacia coudl happen that thing.