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Date: 2002-10-18

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> As to further origins, first of all consider this fact:
> meaningwise: sea = galatta/galassa = mare , etc.
> These words are NOT cognates; therefore, they do not
originate from a
> single language (whether you call it Indo-Europeans or
> else). Possibly, one of them may be a variation of an older
> Again: milk = gala (galaktos) = lactis, etc.
> In this case, there is a Greek-Latin kinship, but it is
> for all of these words to be derived from a single earlier
word. (It
> is not the case that all of them can be "Indo-European.")
> In an etymology listing, I find:

The wrong idea here is that you suppose IE *more is the same
radical for the greek Thellata.
You even spocked about milk. And normaly you have to think
about the foam of milk. And again , normaly, the waves make
foam, just like milk.
In this case it is very posible to be a connection about " the
water which makes foam like milk" and milk. Of course this is
a very unortodoxe explantion, but
a link can be made that way.