Re: [tied] Re: Gmc. *bru:diz

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-18

This is probably copied from the OED entry for "brain" ("perh. related to Gr. ..."), but *bragnam is at best a late syncopated form. Medial *-g(^)Hn- (as well as *-g(^)n-) normally gives PGmc. geminated *-kk- by Nasal Assimilation (cf. *lig^H-n- > *likk- 'lick'), and since the same happens to *-kn- only after an unaccented syllable, the assimilation must be post-Vernerian. This is my reason for positing pre-Gmc. *mrog^H-ono- > PGmc. *mragana- > *brag(a)na- > OE brægen > brain.
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In Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology:
BRAIN - OE braegen < *Germ braGnam, related to Greek brekhmos, bregmos