Re: [tied] Re: Gmc. *bru:diz

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 16476
Date: 2002-10-21

*dj, in this case (*pHla-d-jo:). This -z- extension (historically, a generalisation from present stems in *-d-j- and *g-j-) became extremely productive in Greek; <papHlazo:> 'splutter, boil, stammer' is thought to be the reduplicated form of *pHlazo: 'be bursting with a noise' (aor. <epHladon>), apparently from <pHlao:> 'crush'.
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From: Richard Wordingham
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Subject: [tied] Re: Gmc. *bru:diz

What are the possible precusors of Greek /z/ in pHlazo:?