Re: [tied] Greek double-sigma / double-tau

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Date: 2002-10-18

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> Hey again. I managed to find some info in a volume of Karl
> Brugmann's comparative IE work.
> I still have the question about the origin of the Greek word
for sea,
> though: was thalassa/thalatta a native Greek word -
decended from
> IE? If not, where was it picked up from? And either way,
what was
> the "original" meaning?
> Thx! =)
Maybe you will like to know the romanian word called "talaz"
and that means "wave". Plural form is "talazuri", with article
"talazurile"= the waves.
etomology cf. DEX:
talaz=from turkish "talaz"

Interesting here is to know about the word "tal√£" which means
"a group of noisy people", cf DEX= unknown etym.