From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 16348
Date: 2002-10-17

in albanian and romanian the word for sheperd = "cioban"
cf. DEX cioban= from turkish Cioban where C= a "c" with a
cedila under it.

We learn by Plinius about the "coebanum caseum"= ? to in a
text which speaks about the cheese brougt from ligurian
sheperds to Roma.
Of course, if for an amator pseudolinguist the word "coebanum"
seems similar to romanian and albanian "cioban" there is no
link there, because
the fonologic rules which are established for changes of the
latin word to romanian word do not work in this case.
This is why, there is no link in the case coebanum/cioban
but, the turkish word Cioban is assume to be the etymology.
Well, these are the explanations... are they right, are they
wrong, God knows maybe better..