Re: Chronology of the Christianization of the East Roman Empire

From: Richard Wordingham
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Date: 2002-10-17

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> Subj: [IndianCivilization] How Hindu Europe became Xtian Europe
> Date: 10/16/02 8:21:47 PM Central Daylight Time

> (Summarised from Vlasis Rassias' book "DEMOLISH THEM..",
> published in Greek, Athens 2000 (2nd edition), Anichti Poli
Editions, ISBN
> 960-7748-20-4)
> (All dates "era vulgaris" = Christian Era)
> 314
> Immediately after its full legalisation, the Christian Church

Three comments:

(a) Gentile means non-Jewish, not non-Judeo-Christian. Although
Saint Paul commands that among Christians there be no distinction of
Jew and Gentile, there was an early split between Christian Jews who
tried to adhere to the Ritual Law and those who did not. The
term 'gentile' should be universally replaced by 'pagan' in the

I have attempted to send comment (a) above to the IndianCivilization

(b) Is this bloody story really relevant to this list? (I admit that
the story of Caedwalla strayed beyond its scope.)

(c) Or are you looking for comments on accuracy? I must say the
story of Julian the Apostate being assassinated surprised me; Gibbon
makes no mention of his hero being murdered.