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Date: 2002-09-20

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Well, this is not the first (and certainly not the last) time
you are exhibiting lack of knowledge about Romanian
FYI, I have relatives in Northern Moldavia and I am well
of the way /dZ/ is pronounced usually there as /Z/.

Marius Iacomi

[Moeller] you have relatives, George too, I was living for a
while there. And the examples here with "sluji" adn "arjint"
are indeed right. But this is just some singular cases for
"gi" and not for "ge".For "ge" is no /Z/ but a "gi" .Like in
imperatif of a ajunge= ajungi .
Beside the fact is not in North Moldavia but just on the line,
Iasi, Suceava, Botoshani, Tecuci. In Chishinau and all around
you dont have such forms too. But what I am telling you here?
You must be aware of this, having relatives there...