[tied] Re: *gwistis

From: m_iacomi
Message: 15636
Date: 2002-09-20

alexmoeller@... wrote:

>>> "a InTelege "= to understand = lat. intelligere will be never
>>> spoked InTeleje, but this is hard to understand:-)
>> A lie told out of Nixwissen is a lie though. "întzeleje" is
>> the dialectal pronunciation in all Transylvania, all Banat and
>> 50% (if not more) of Moldavia on both banks of the Pruth.
> [Moeller]
> Goerge, I have no ideea abotu the Banat you use to give
> example. In Transilvania you do not have these forms.

Northern Transylvania, more precisely. In the middle, there is
alternance between forms.

>> Especially in Transylvania, Banat and Northern Moldavia,
>> people who speak only their subdialects learn in school and
>> from the written language that there is also the pronunciation
>> /dZe, dZi/. In their subdialects there is only this pair /Ze,
>> Zi/.

> How can you say about the moldavian subdialect that it has this
> /Z/ so how you like to say?

Lenition of <g(e,i)> (/dZ/) in /Z/, along with /tS/ > /S/, is a
very well known dialectal feature of Moldavian subdialect. It's
attested as early as the XVIth century (<arjintu> instead of
<argintu>, <leje> instead of <lege> - 1588; <slujile> instead
of <slugile> - 1593), and it's nowdays quite general in

> If you have some ideea avout banat dialect of you, then do not
> speak please about how it is talking in Boto$ani, otherways we
> will suspend our friendship.

Well, this is not the first (and certainly not the last) time
you are exhibiting lack of knowledge about Romanian subdialects.
FYI, I have relatives in Northern Moldavia and I am well aware
of the way /dZ/ is pronounced usually there as /Z/.

Marius Iacomi