Re: [tied] *h3 (This odd feeling of deja-vu)

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 15635
Date: 2002-09-20

Wait, another question. Let's talk about *h1er- "to move"...
or is it *h3er-? Which one is it?? I've seen one author
push the idea that it was *h3- because of the vocalism seen
in Greek, yet aren't there forms derived from this root
that show /e/? And, do those other verbs like *h3reg- "rule"
or *h3reih1- "get moving" have anything to do with this verb?
If Hittite /ari/ is related to this, why doesn't it have
/h-/?... That seems to suggest that it is really *h1-...
Yet those verbs look related...

Peter mentioned that *h3elh1- "destroy" is hardly a stative
and this is why we shouldn't consider an *o-grade for it...
but aren't there *o-grade duratives? Personally, I have
an idea that verbs don't necessarily have to bear a stative
meaning to contain *o-grade in Late IE (because the stative
thing was probably already obscured by this time).


- gLeN

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