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I have to rely on my memory, having no relevant sources to
hand, but it seems to me that the names actually recorded look
more like Rhyncini, Blacoryncini and Saguditae (or Sagudatae),
interpretable respectively as Rhyncians (people living on the
river Rhyncus; ethnic identification impossible, possibly
Slavic bands), Vlacho-Rhyncians and ... well, hard to say,
though the people were mentioned more than once, I think. I
know nothing about them. The name looks as if it had the
familiar Iranian plural suffix. Alanic reinforcements in the
eighth century?? When were the Alani last heard of in the
Balkans, George? It could also, perhaps more plausibly, be an
originally Sarmatian name adopted by somebody else (a Slavic


[Moeller] hmmm.. what is strange is the fact that everyone can
tell you in Romania are a lot of family name which looks like
this. But not sure how much this say but
you can make a search on internet with the quey "Rinceanu" or
"Ranceanu" If I talk about the "clan" of rinceanu I will say
properli in romanian the "rinceni".They are romanian name of
family. That is all weird.. how the things so rolls from east
to west and back and down and grrrr.. better get a beer