Asparuch ... im Lichte der Iranischen Onomastik (Re: Kastamonitu)

From: Vassil Karloukovski Message: 17857
Date: 2003-01-21

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> --- Piotr Gasiorowski <piotr.gasiorowski@...> wrote:
> > I have to rely on my memory, having no relevant
> > sources to hand, but it seems to me that the names
> > actually recorded look more like Rhyncini,
> > Blacoryncini and Saguditae (or Sagudatae),
> > interpretable respectively as Rhyncians (people
> > living on the river Rhyncus; ethnic identification
> > impossible, possibly Slavic bands), Vlacho-Rhyncians
> > and ... well, hard to say, though the people were
> > mentioned more than once, I think. I know nothing
> > about them. The name looks as if it had the familiar
> > Iranian plural suffix. Alanic reinforcements in the
> > eighth century?? When were the Alani last heard of
> > in the Balkans, George?

> *****GK: Unless I've missed something, the last
> mention of Alans in the Balkans occurs in Jordanes
> (Get.265-266):"certi Alanorum eum duce suo nomine
> Candac Scythiam minorem inferioremque Moesiam
> acceperunt. cuius Candacis Alanoviiamuthis patris mei
> genitor Paria, id est meus avus, notarius; quousque
> Candac ipse viveret, fuit," The events alluded to are
> posterior to the disintegration of the Attilanic Hun
> state (454->). We may perhaps assume that the Candac
> group [specific tribal name unknown] was still
> identifiable in the mid-6th century. We hear no more
> about them subsequently. They may have been absorbed
> by the Slavs who poured into Scythia Minor a
> generation or two after Jordanes wrote. And the
> proto-Bulgar horde may have contained Alanic clans
> (some proto-Bulgar names, incl. Asparukh, hint at
> Iranic contacts), but nothing major.******

a somewhat belated response on my part, replying to Mr. Knysh's post
from Sep 8, 2002.. :), but I wanted to find and put on-line the most
relevant article first. In fact I found two:
- "Iranski elementi u p&rvob&lgarite", by Vesselin Beshevliev
(Antichnoe obshchestvo, M., 1967),
- "Asparuch und Konsorten im Lichte der Iranischen Onomastik", by
Rudiger Schmitt (Linguistique Balkanique, S., 1985),

Both discuss _some_ (not all) of the possible Iranian (or Slavic)
Proto-Bulgarian names - Asparukh/Isperikh, Bezmer, Kormisosh, etc.

Vassil K.