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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-08

So didn't it occur to you that the mention of a writer "of the 7th century" in the text quoted below must be a sloppy mistake on the author's part? The attack on Athos took place late in the 8th century, at any rate.
I have to rely on my memory, having no relevant sources to hand, but it seems to me that the names actually recorded look more like Rhyncini, Blacoryncini and Saguditae (or Sagudatae), interpretable respectively as Rhyncians (people living on the river Rhyncus; ethnic identification impossible, possibly Slavic bands), Vlacho-Rhyncians and ... well, hard to say, though the people were mentioned more than once, I think. I know nothing about them. The name looks as if it had the familiar Iranian plural suffix. Alanic reinforcements in the eighth century?? When were the Alani last heard of in the Balkans, George? It could also, perhaps more plausibly, be an originally Sarmatian name adopted by somebody else (a Slavic tribe?).
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Romania has here nothing to do. I was thinking just about the
aparition of the name Blakho in the history.But now I observe
something doesnt fit ok please:

"An anonymous writer of the 7th century, whose notes were
preserved in the monastery of Kastamonitu (on the island of
Athos) is writing about the era of the destruction of
paintings (717-843). According to his notations, in the 8th
century, Bulgaria was occupied by the Rhékinos, the
Blakhorékhinos and the Sagudateos."

Hmm.. an anoymous writer of 7 century ( until 699) speaks
about an era which is dated between 717-843? That is indeed

BTW.. we have 3 groups here. Rekhinos, Blakhorekhinos and
if Blakho is hard to identify the Rekhinos whou should be?And