From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 14723
Date: 2002-08-29

Hi together,

these two words discuted here on the list give me a lot of
Bangani Kotro= to fight
Bangani= gOsti= guest, gues of honour

How I said, these words are too in rumanian. to find. cotropi=
to fight, to invade, to be slef by someone invaded, where the
cotro is the root and "pi" is in this case a sufix cotropi,
cotropire, cotropitor,
gOsti= has the rum. equivalent gazdui which means to host
someone.(Germ = Gast, eng =guest)
In rum. the word "gãzdui" or the substantiv "gazda" are
supposed to come from hungarian "gazda", where I dont know the
semantic of the hungarian word here, but we know the hungarian
language doenst need a gendre , loaning the words as they are,
in this case gazda beeing in romanian of feminine gendre.
Fact is:
we have two words in this case , words who are to find at two
folks which never could have had something historicaly in
common , to loan them from each other. With only one
exception. The thracians and macedonians were the same, or
they spoked related dialects, what would fit in the general
assumtion that the old macedonians werent at all greek. In
this case we cann see an explanation why in bangani are these
words too, in this case, Alexander's armies beeing the one
who made the link.

cann anyone help me to get a list with centum words from
substrate of Bangani?


a. moeller