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Date: 2002-08-29

>How I said, these words are too in rumanian. to find. cotropi=
>to fight, to invade,

And "to occupy by force/violence". (The older form as well as
officially recommended until 1954: "a cutropi".)

>In rum. the word "gãzdui" or the substantiv "gazda" are
>supposed to come from hungarian "gazda", where I dont know the
>semantic of the hungarian word here, but we know the hungarian
>language doenst need a gendre , loaning the words as they are,
>in this case gazda beeing in romanian of feminine gendre.

The Hungarian words (AFAIK Slavic loanwords) are:
(1) "gazda" = farmer, peasant (roughly covering the German
semantics of "Wirt", thus incl. that of landlord (only here you find
the connection with the German "Gastgeber" -> "Gastwirt");
(2) "gazda+g" = wealthy, rich; (3) "gazda+ság" = economy
(mezögazdaság = agriculture, husbandry; mezö = field, meadow).

Also note the semantic similarities in the Romanian "gospodar &
gospodãrie" and the Hungarian "gazda & gazdaság", namely in rural
life contexts. (Re. these contexts, "gazdag" = wealthy suggests
that initially it must've been meant a wealthy farmer, big land-
owner, sort of a "Grossbauer". Hence, in Romanian north-western
subdialects, "gazdã" also have this additional meaning still today.)

>a. moeller

George S t a n a