Re: Question re a Germanic Name (Suartuas)

From: gknysh
Message: 14722
Date: 2002-08-29

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> Hi, Everyone -////////
> Here's a quick question. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
> In the 6th century, I believe, the Byzantines send one of the
> living in Byzantium to lead a leaderless group of Herulians living
north of
> the Danube. This is according to Procopius, who gives the fellow's
name as
> "Suartuas."
> There is a question as to what Suartuas could mean and what it
origin may be.

*****GK: Hi there Steve. Apart from any technical linguistic
explanations forthcoming here, have a look at message 6398 by Dirk
Faltin on the Gothic list (*****