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Date: 2002-08-17

The Dravidian etymological dictionary lists Tingal and its various
forms in Tamil, Kannada, Telgu, Kodagu and Tulu in the link below:

Tingal primarily means Moon in dravidian and is a day-to-day word in
use in South India. Dravidian calendar is based on phases of the
moon - a Lunar calendar. Perhaps this gave the word 'tingal' the
meaning of 'Month' also.

Dravidian has always been compared to linguistic formations in Ural-
Altaic languages - This might explain similar morph - Tingal words
found in old Swedish and Icelandic, which could be loan words from a
proto-ural/Finnic langauge.

I have listed other Dravidian Astrological words that might be of
help to you:

Vin - Space,
Vaan(am) - Sky
Kadiravan, Aadavan - Sun
Kadir - Rays of Sunlight, Also means Crop harvest
Kol - Planet
Vin-Meen - Star (literaly means Space Fish)
Ulagu,Ulagam, Mann - World, earth

There is another possiblity of IE deriving some of its roots from
Dravidian. Recent research have been focused on deriving IE roots
from Dravidian. One such work is listed in the link below:

Answers to you questions are below.


--- In cybalist@..., Tore Gannholm <tore.gannholm@...> wrote:
> Thank you very much Venkat Subramanian,
> This becomes very interesting.
> Tungel for moon was introduced in the Lake Mälar area in the 6th
> century in connection with calculating the calendar. We also have
> place names like Tungelsta.
> From where did they get it.
> I have tried to show that what we today call Asatro (Æsir belief)
> very much to do with Manikeism in Persia and that the people who
> control of the Lake Mälar area in the 6th century brought this
> "religion" with them.
The use of Word Tingal in Tamil is betwen 2 nd Century BC to 2 nd
Century CE in tamil poems.

> Where was the Dravidian language spoken in the 5th century?

Dravidian languages were spoken mainly in South of India around 5 th
century CE. Some isolaated population spoke (brahui like) in the
present Pakistan region and North India.

PS: An interesting and perhaps unconnected fact is that Mani (Manes)
of Manichaeism is said to have visited South India (3 century CE)
during his lifetime.

> Tore
> >In the Dravidian language Tamil Tingal means Moon.
> >Infact Monday is called Tingal in Tamil. The later
> >Dravidain languge Kannada also uses Tingal, but in
> >Kananda it means a day or a month.
> >
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