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Date: 2002-08-17

Whare did you take these "Dacian" words from? *ap-a: 'river, water' has been "seen" in Balkan toponymy, and someting like toponymic *mariska- may have occurred in Dacian (meaning 'marshland' rather than 'sea'), but your alleged Dacian "mare" and "petra" look like somebody's modern figments to me. Anyway, the Romanian words are _exactly_ what one would expect as the regular development of Latin <petra>, <mare> and <aqua>, and any "alternative explanation" causes extra problems without solving any.
we have some toponimes and hidronimes with the "apa" inside . Salapia, Naparis and more
we have too a toponim called Marehalis but we dont need it because mare is a common IE so moria, maar,mira meer and so on.
we have a city called Petrodava.Because in latin and romanian is almost the same i dont see why in dacian this wouldnt be stone too. what speak against it?
i forgot to give it. The salt dacian word is too in toponims like salapia, saline.
Piotr, I am very aware of what I try to do and how poor the material here is. But there are a lot of words from teh substrate into romanian, belive me. In the linguistic literature appears just the words which are common to albanian and romanian and some another words. But really there are much more of them.
so, the problem is, in the studiing the IE the linguists avoided for instance linguage as romanian because this is supposed to be a neo latin language,so , no much to do there. But i give you some examples:
PIE *bhor >traco-dac *bordelio(s) >late dacian *bordeliu >rom. bordei,( and some others like  borta, burta)
PIE *ghordos >traco-dac *gardos>rom. gard
PIE *molnos >traco-dac *malu(s)>rom. mal
PIE *legh >traco-dac *legan>rom leagan
PIE *sterp->traco-dac *sterp-u>rom. sterp
PIE *mo >traco-dac *mar-e> rom. mare
PIE *sal-,sald-> traco-dac *sal-e>rom. sare
I am sure these exemples are not enough because you have to see the rules of treating the vowels and consonants but it maybe help a bit.