Re: [tied] tungel, tungel, little star

From: Tore Gannholm
Message: 14353
Date: 2002-08-17

Thank you very much Venkat Subramanian,

This becomes very interesting.
Tungel for moon was introduced in the Lake Mälar area in the 6th
century in connection with calculating the calendar. We also have
place names like Tungelsta.

From where did they get it.
I have tried to show that what we today call Asatro (Æsir belief) has
very much to do with Manikeism in Persia and that the people who took
control of the Lake Mälar area in the 6th century brought this
"religion" with them.

Where was the Dravidian language spoken in the 5th century?


>In the Dravidian language Tamil Tingal means Moon.
>Infact Monday is called Tingal in Tamil. The later
>Dravidain languge Kannada also uses Tingal, but in
>Kananda it means a day or a month.