Re: [tied] tungel, tungel, little star

From: Venkat Subramanian
Message: 14352
Date: 2002-08-17

In the Dravidian language Tamil Tingal means Moon.
Infact Monday is called Tingal in Tamil. The later
Dravidain languge Kannada also uses Tingal, but in
Kananda it means a day or a month.

--- H�kan_Lindgren <h5@...> wrote:
> Re: [tied] tungel, tungel, little starIn which other
> languages more than old Swedish is this word common?
> Tore
> ___________
> I associate this word with an Icelandic fairy tale I
> read long ago. A troll or similar monster challenges
> a man in a poetry contest. The man must say a line
> that rhymes with the troll's line of poetry, or he
> will be eaten alive. The troll says a line of poetry
> that ends in "tungl", for which there is no rhyming
> word in Icelandic (so the story goes). The man wins
> anyway, for he says "I throw you down this cliff
> with my 'ungl-'". "Ungleggur" is the part of the arm
> below the elbow.
> Hakan
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