Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

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Message: 14188
Date: 2002-08-01

 The borrowings you quote are indeed some of the best examples of direct  _Proto_Slavic_ loans into Romanian and Albanian, since Proto-Slavic for 'marsh' is *bolto (phonetically [ba:'lta], with tense acuted [a]) and for 'chisel' *dolto (phonetically [dalta], an oxytonon, if I'm not mistaken). The metathesis, yielding _blato_ and _dlato_ is a later, specifically South Slavic development.
Both lexemes are attested in most (not only South) Slavic languages.
It seemes your source is rather insecure, and the author is just incompetent.
 I just doubt about this. And this is because the albanians have the same pattern as rumanians. And that today they still use this patern and the sudic slavs have a methathesis here ( i am not sure about the other slavs).
it is unlikely that two folks to get a word from a thirth and to mentain it as in the ancient proto_slav, and then the proto_slavs to make the methathesis and to change it but these folks to keep over milenium the same form. Dont you mind?
And if you got it, which are "most" slavic languages without the south slavic? Where do we have it and where not? "Most", here says almost nothing. I should like you to get please the languages , other as south slavic where we have these best examples like *bolto, *dolto and because we are here at the methatehesis of liquids  but we talked just for "l" let us talk about "r" too. Let us go on:
rom. gard, old slav grad, alb. garth
rom. ta:rg,old slav tru:gu:, alb. terg
rom. ga:rba:, old.slav gru:bu:, alb. ge:rbe:
Dont you mind that it is very unlikely that both albanians and rumanians to get the same patern but the slavs to have an another one?It shows the vector of this loaning, don't it?
best regards
a. moeller