Re: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
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Date: 2002-08-01

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Subject: [tied] the slavic influence in Balcans

 >> The slavists ommited to see that the words which are to be found in
bulgarian, albanian and rumanian have a similar pattern in albanian
and rumanian but a particulary slav pattern in bulgarian. The best
example here is the methathesis of the liquids "r" and "l" like in
bulgarian blato rom=balta:, alb=balte:, bulg. dlato rom dalta:, alb.
dalte:, where a: in rom. and e: in alb. have the same value. An
another argumentum is that the most of these so called slav words are
not to find in all slavs langauges, but in the south slavic
languages, languages which lived with the ancestors of albanians and
 The borrowings you quote are indeed some of the best examples of direct  _Proto_Slavic_ loans into Romanian and Albanian, since Proto-Slavic for 'marsh' is *bolto (phonetically [ba:'lta], with tense acuted [a]) and for 'chisel' *dolto (phonetically [dalta], an oxytonon, if I'm not mistaken). The metathesis, yielding _blato_ and _dlato_ is a later, specifically South Slavic development.
Both lexemes are attested in most (not only South) Slavic languages.
It seemes your source is rather insecure, and the author is just incompetent.