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Date: 2001-09-20

Joseph S Crary wrote:

> You've opened another can of worms
> Dardanians appear in Greece, Anatoila (Dardanus), Balkans (Kosova),
> and Italy.
> One line of tradition recorded in the Hellenic period indicate that
> the Dandanians settled within the northern territory of the
> on the east side of the Hellespontus. Actually, I think the
> represent the state of Teuthran. The Dardanians are said to have
> to northwest Anatolia first from the Greek mainland and later the
> Isle of Samothrace. This suggests that they possessed some maritime
> abilities. It appears that within the Dardanian migration a group
> called the Trosians established themselves within the Troad.
> Regardless, if these traditions reflect any historical reality, then
> the Dardanian, Teuthranian, and Trosian ruling households were
> interrelated while the polities remained discrete. The Dardanians
> appear to have been an Illyric ethnic group not actually Thracian,
> although they did occupy the western most portion of this region. If
> indeed they did come from the Greek mainland, they may have arrived
> there as part of the possible Pelasgi-Achaean move in the EB to MB
> transition.

There is also a link between Dardani and Dodona in Epirus, and the
DRDNY or DNYN in Egyptian records. Could this be a link to the men of
Argos, the Danaos, children of the Danaides who are supposed to have
come out of Egypt?

Things were certainly confused at this period and I wonder whether
there was not a certian Anatolian-Aegean-Balkan Sprachsbund in
operation at this time. It would certianly simplify
Thraco-Illyrian-Phrygian and even Armenian connections (although the
latter seems to have more of a substrate (and later Iranian
superstrate effect).

Interested in everyones thoughts.