Apollo (was Re: [tied] Nostradamus and Dumezil)

From: markodegard@...
Message: 9624
Date: 2001-09-20

I really do think their reality was a cult of Apollo, one which had a
continuing priesthood. The god was different from the priesthood, and
they all invented it all. Divine twins, with bows and arrows ...

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> Mark wrote
> > This is exactly my view. I also note that, of all the Greek gods,
> > Apollo seems to have had the most influential priesthood. Apollo
> > became what the priests wanted him to become.
> It is interesting that Apollo's priests tended to be stolen from
> others (eg. Delos, Delphi). Obviously someone was accommodating to
> political pressures coming out of Anatolia in the proto-Geometric
> period. It is interesting that this is exactly when Lydian and
> mercenaries were all the rage in the Eastern Mediterranean, teaching
> the Greeks how to be infantry hoplites. Was Apollo the hoplites

They/we whoreship Apollo before Zeus!