Re: Apollo

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9614
Date: 2001-09-20


Not Assuwa but Arzawa

Here is Sardis as Suruda in Luwian?

From Mursilis III

CTH 61 I, B ii: 29-41 (AM 12)

(29) And in the year (...). My brother in (...). And the troops of
Huwarsanassa and the troops of (...) drove forth away from me; and
they came into the land of Arzawa. I sent a messenger to Uhhazitis,
and I wrote to him: "These men of mine the troops Attarimma, the
troops of Huwarsanassa, the troops of Suruda have come over to you:
give them back to me!" But Uhhazitis wrote back to me as follows: I
will not send anything back to you. Since they (...) to me in
strength (pl.) (...)." (...) his subjects.

JS Crary