[tied] Re: Apollo

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
Message: 9616
Date: 2001-09-20

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> In 279 BC Celtic warriors plundered Greece all the way to Delphi.
> Unfortunately, the Greeks did not enumerate the names of the Celtic
> tribes. Their leader was Brennos. Interestingly, Strabo (IV, 1)
> that Brennos was from a tribe called the Prausians. This name, I
> think, recalls the medieval Prussians.

Ethnonym Prussian, whatever be it's origin ( < Baltic hydronym
*Pru:sa 'spattering, jetting' or some balticized German
toponym/ethnonym, cf. Frisia) is usually believed to be a rather late
one - there's a linguistic evidence (eg, Slavic <prusy> rather than
<*prysy>) that it could have hardly existed before ca. VII c.