[tied] Re: Apollo

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9611
Date: 2001-09-20


and all

Before the Apollo cult became complex, it was simple, and a cult of
the moon and sun is was simple.

> Perhaps. I'm going on recollection, here. Besides, it's entirely
possible that Thracian elements settled in Bronze Age Lydia and
elsewhere, but the local Anatolian languages prevailed. Witness, for
example, Sardis, which seems to be a cognate of the Thracian city of
Sardica (modern Sofia, I beleive).<

I believe Sardis is named after a local Anatolian storm god. As the
name and district are mentioned in Hittite documents, I'm not
actually sure it is Luwian or something else. As you know Lydia was a
multi-ethnic polity.

>As for the "lord + lion" etymology theory, it seems difficult to
find any antecedents in Anatolia. Dionysus was an ancient
Anatolian god associated with leopards or lions, but he was a dying-
and-resurrecting god associated with vegetation and fertility - not
light. I don't recall Apollo having lions identified as his totemic
animal, were they?<

I think the last part of Appa-liunas means the moon.
As in father or lord of the moon.

JS Crary