[tied] Re: Apollo

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9607
Date: 2001-09-20

You've opened another can of worms

Dardanians appear in Greece, Anatoila (Dardanus), Balkans (Kosova),
and Italy.
One line of tradition recorded in the Hellenic period indicate that
the Dandanians settled within the northern territory of the Teucrians
on the east side of the Hellespontus. Actually, I think the Teucrians
represent the state of Teuthran. The Dardanians are said to have come
to northwest Anatolia first from the Greek mainland and later the
Isle of Samothrace. This suggests that they possessed some maritime
abilities. It appears that within the Dardanian migration a group
called the Trosians established themselves within the Troad.
Regardless, if these traditions reflect any historical reality, then
the Dardanian, Teuthranian, and Trosian ruling households were
interrelated while the polities remained discrete. The Dardanians
appear to have been an Illyric ethnic group not actually Thracian,
although they did occupy the western most portion of this region. If
indeed they did come from the Greek mainland, they may have arrived
there as part of the possible Pelasgi-Achaean move in the EB to MB

Then there is the ethnic settlements of Percote, Abydus, and Alizon
within Dardanian territory and opposite Dardanus a tribe called
Adraste. The Adraste, from the goddess Adrastea, appears to represent
a Phrygian tribe and not Thracian. I also suggest that the Mysi were
the historic Muski another Phrygian tribe in Anatolia. I'm not sure
how Percote, Abydus, and Alizon fit into this. I also remember a
reference to Placia and Scylace called Pelasgians settlements.

JS Crary