[tied] Re: Anouilh

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 9472
Date: 2001-09-14

It's an Anglicised Latin word (luctuo:sus, from luctus 'sorrow'). My
French dictionary records "luctueux" (marked as archaic), though I've
never seen it used. I tried a net search for "luctuous" and came up
with several hits, not ALL of them quoting _Finnegan's Wake_ (though
most admittedly did). Here's the weirdest example of all:

Check out all of the *luctuous* women of wrestling NUDE!! (etc.)

Wow! How luctuous!


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> > >yesterday's luctuous events
> >
> > 'Luctuous' appears only in James Joyce. 'Eurish', as I recall, is
> > the term given to these Joyceanisms.
> "Luctuous" is in the OED, quoted from Bailey's 1721 dictionary, but
> with no example of actual usage found by OED readers. I'm a bit
> confused how it got into a cybalist message -- from Joyce, from a
> dictionary, an anglicized Catalan word? I only hope the events it
> refers to will be as rare as the t