Glen's Strange Rule

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8710
Date: 2001-08-24

>OK, thanks. I found it strange that a stressed *a could disappear,
>but AFAIU it was never a stressed *a? First *a became the least
>marked vowel (role of schwa), and later initial accent arose (but not on
>the "schwa")?

We start with a purely initial accent. Then the accent shifts
to the second syllable in a few cases involving *a. The resulting
unaccented *a in initial syllables later disappears, yes.
Given Piotr's input, the Tyrrhenian rule is:

Place accent on initial syllable unless accentuation of the
unmarked vowel (*a) can be avoided with a single accent shift.

So we see two possible outcomes with *a in initial syllable:

1) accented *a (remains)
*p�ra > *p�ra > /par/ "house" (?)
*�ppa > *�ppa > /apa/ "father"

2) unaccented *a (lost)
*xast�ra > *att�ra > /Turan/ "Venus"
*p:ar�wa > *p:l�wa > /ruva/ "brother"
*k:al�na > *k:l�na > /clen/ "son"
*tar�sena > *tl�sena > /ras'na/ "Etruscan"

Oh, and don't ask about the *r > *l thingie in the consonant
clusters... It's another work-in-progress. If I start to call the
EtruscoLemnian stage of 5500 BCE as "Tyrrhenian" proper, please
do not be shocked. I'm toying with a new idea that dates
everything as follows:

Tyrrhenian 7000-4500 BCE
EtruscoLemnian 4500-1500 BCE

This would mean that the accent shift and subsequent clustering
happened between 5500 and 4500 BCE in a late form of Tyrrhenian.

Hey, I think that Rhaetic /laSanu-/ means "Rhaetic people".
Perhaps /paniun laSanuale upiku perunies sxaispala/ means
"The offering of the Rhaetic people was given by Perunie to
the sacred mountain of the gods." Note the following resultant

Tyrrhenian Rhaetic Etruscan
*aisa -ais- ais "god"
*alpa up- alp- "to give"
*alp�niu paniu- alpanu "little offering"
*-ka -ku -che [passive]
*pala -pala falau "mountain"
*saka sx- sac- "to be sacred"
*tlesena lasanu- ras'na "Tyrrhenians"

Just some new thoughts to munch on.

gLeNny gEe
...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

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