Re: Inguaeonum [was Celtic Jutland]

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 8413
Date: 2001-08-09

> > I don't think it is at all certain what language the people in
> > Istvaeonic group spoke. The Nemetes and Triboci may have been
> Celtic -
> > - Chris Gwinn
> I agree. The Nemetes recalls the Nemnetes of NW Spain, the Namnetes
> of the lower Loire basin in France, and (IMO) possibly the
> of Irish mythology.

I don't think that the the name Namnetes is related to Nemetes.

> I believe OI has a cognate of this word
> meaning 'heaven',

Old Irish Nemed - it means "Sanctuary" or "Sacred" (Nem is "heaven")

> and the Gauls had Nemetona, the 'goddess of the
> sacred grove'. IMO the names of many Celtic tribes seemed to have
> been named for their tutelary deities (epithets included) or had
> religious significance.

True - but then again, some Celtic gods have taken their names from
tribes or from places.

> The prefix Tri- was also found in the
> Trinobantes of Britain, and perhaps the Treverii of Belgium? I
> suspect it had to do with the triple or triune gods and goddesses
> Celtic and IE religions.

The Tri- in Triboci may be Celtic tri- "three" or a variant spelling
of tre- "through/across" - though it must be admitted that tri- is
the compound form of "three" in many archaic Indo European languages,
so is not particularyl Celtic.

- Chris Gwinn