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From: Glen Gordon
Message: 8414
Date: 2001-08-09

>Well, firstly, I know linguists are loathe to project language groups into
>the palaeolithic or even mesolithic.

When speaking of IE or Uralic, such projections aren't just
loatheful, they are logically impossible and unsubstantiable.

>As to John Croft's Swiderian culture, I'm unfamiliar with it and would have
>to dig out my notes to read up on it. Terminal >palaeolithic, wasn't it?
>While relating the NE Siberian language groups like Yukagir and Ket
>to Uralic and Na Dene of Alaska and NW Canada is always intriguing,
>I'm still waiting for something definitive to be published.

Oh my :( This quote truely exposes your lack of knowledge about
the Great White North. Ket is the last of the surviving Yeneseian
languages which are suspected by some to be related remotely to
Burushaski. Other Yeneseian corpses are Kott and Arin (I think
that's how it's spelled?).

Yukaghir, however, is quite unrelated to Ket but oh so related to
Uralic. The relationship of Yukaghir and Uralic is now
mentioned in the Encyclopaedia Britannica where it mentions for instance,
the common use of subjective/objective conjugations. Pronominal elements are
also the same - Let's add two and two
together, already!

>As I recall, Samoyed is from the Ugrian branch of Uralic?

Incorrect. The Ugric branch consists of languages like Hungarian,
Khanty, Mansi, etc. Ugric derives from FinnoUgric which, as I
said, was in contact with IndoIranian. On the other hand,
Samoyedic is a northern positioned branch seperate from FinnoUgric.
Samoyedic and FinnoUgric, in turn, derive from ProtoUralic
(spoken circa 4000 BCE).

>The pitted ware culture was characterized by dimpled pots with
>pointed bottoms that were suspended into fires of the hunter-
>gatherers. I don't know the date range, but it was still in the
>boreal forest areas of the Baltic and north Russia during the

Well, this movement doesn't sound like that of Uralic, nor
FinnoUgric, nor Ugric. This must be a non-IE, non-Uralic speaking
group then. (That's why I suggested Yeneseian for discussion's

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