Re: Inguaeonum [was Celtic Jutland]

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Date: 2001-08-09

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> I don't think it is at all certain what language the people in you
> Istvaeonic group spoke. The Nemetes and Triboci may have been
Celtic -
> - Chris Gwinn

I agree. The Nemetes recalls the Nemnetes of NW Spain, the Namnetes
of the lower Loire basin in France, and (IMO) possibly the Nemedians
of Irish mythology. I believe OI has a cognate of this word
meaning 'heaven', and the Gauls had Nemetona, the 'goddess of the
sacred grove'. IMO the names of many Celtic tribes seemed to have
been named for their tutelary deities (epithets included) or had some
religious significance. The prefix Tri- was also found in the
Trinobantes of Britain, and perhaps the Treverii of Belgium? I
suspect it had to do with the triple or triune gods and goddesses of
Celtic and IE religions.