Celtic Jutland

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Date: 2001-07-27

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> The following comments, unless otherwise indicated are from Bent
> Jørgensen: Stednavneordbog, Gyldendal.
> > Homeric towns |Modern place names
> > of Boeotia |in northern Denmark
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> > Aulis | Aalborg
> Alabu coin 1035-42
> Alaburg *1075
> Aleburgh *1231
> 1st element: Jutlandese ål "furrow, ditch" presumably referring to
> the old branching course of the Østerå into the Limfjord. The
> traditional explanation, according to which ål (n.) should refer to
> the channel in the Limfjord fits badly with the fact that the first
> element is in the gen. pl.
> [TP: There were two "å"'s in Ålborg: Østerå and Vesterå]
> > Mycalessus | Mygind and Mylund in eastern Jutland
> Mygind Djursland
> Mygynd 1396
> 1st element seems to be the stem in møg, Proto-Nordic *muki "muck,
> dung"
> 2nd element -und.
> ? "the mucky, dungy place"
> Mylund is in NW Jutland
> [TP: Weird case. I once pointed out the frequent occurence of -s, -
> ind, -und in pre-Germanic Danish place names, similar to Pre-Greek
> placenames in Greece in -ssos,-inthos, -unthos. Here Greek -ssos
> seems to correspond to Danish -und.
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> > Medeon | Madum
> Madum Ringkøbing, W Jutland
> Matæ mark 1292
> Matum *1325
> Må:m locally
> Pl. of old Da. *mat, most likely in sense known from other Nordic
> languages "border, border marker", derived from the root of a word
> that means "to measure". In the oldest form the name is in gen. pl.
> while all younger forms are in dat. pl.
> "(on, at) the border markers"
> Madum is situated at the border between Ulfborg and Hing herred.
> [TP: that "met" measure is an old one, found also in AfroAsiatic
> Austronesian]
Pliny the Elder says Pytheas on his journey north from Massilia found
a bay with marshy land Metuonis (but cf. "meadow") or Mentonom, of
6000 stadies (1068 km) inhabited by Guyones. One days journey away by
sea is the island of Abalus, where amber is found. The inhabitants
sell it to the Teutones who live nearby. Any connection with Alabu?
Technically, Jutland north of the Limfjord is an island, althogh
without a name.