Re: Celtic Jutland

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 8131
Date: 2001-07-27

The greek rendering of Abalus later in latin known as Basiliam the
former likely from q or p-celt aball or apple island
its east not north of the Jute peninsula
most likely zealand, while funen and lolland were Oeonae and Latrim
isles respectively

the waters south of Oeonae were called Lagnum
and those south of Latrim were Cylipenum

Morimarusam is p-celt very much like brithonic means the dead sea is
the kettegat
This is more or less the lands of the teutoni

On the west its bounded by jutland and himmerland (Cimbrorum) and
djursland was promunturium cimbrorum
The northern tip of vendsyssel was called Codanus (the tail)
On the east was Hillevionum (helsing-borgs?) and Scatinavia (sweden)

I believe the key to the Cimbri-Teutoni political and military power
was that they were situated at the east-west and north-south hub of
the amber trade.

Metuonis I believe has a latin root of metus
meaning: fear, anxiety, or dread

I think the word may have been used to mean ---place of dread
I also think this was the term used for the western Baltic Sea

JS Crary