Re: [tied] Basileus

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-06-10

As for Akhilleús ~ *Akhí-la:wos, both expressive gemination and -eú-stem inflection are frequent in Greek hypocorisms (pet names). Compare Ne:leús ~ *Nehé-la:wos (the full form apparently attested in Linear B ne-e-ra-wo). Of course *-a:wo- cannot have DEVELOPED into -eu- in Mycenaean Greek, but I'm talking of morphological REPLACEMENT along the following lines: *gWasí-la:wos > hypocoristically truncated vocatives like *gWasil-eu 'boss!' (for "expected" *gWasi-la:we) > a new nominative (*gWasileús > basileús).
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> Gwmti-la:wo has a problem: Mycenian shows qa-si-re-u. Mycenian e indicates a
> e:, not a:, so, we have *
gwmti-le:u-. The same for Akhileus (A-ki-re-u).
> Unless we have a form
*le:u- /