Re: Thanatos and Vanth

From: MrCaws@...
Message: 7546
Date: 2001-06-10

I read a connection between Vanth and Greek fury Lyssa. I don't know
why, precisely, as Lyssa's primary sphere of influence as far as I
know is madness, not as a death goddess/psychopomp figure.

There is also a site that actually mentions wanax in connection with
Vanth. (www.muw.ed/~mccalli/EtruscanV.html. ) This site also
connects Vanth with a verb meaning to turn or spin.

intermediary here to keep within the realm
> of sanity.
> Tyrrhenian, as the ancestor of Rhaetic, Etruscan & Lemnian, is the
> intermediary because it would have to be situated in the
> precise area that Hellenic eventually treaded upon AND at the
> correct time. How can we honestly work Hattic into this location
> at such a late time without working against archaeology and
> early history?

I'd just like to again add that if Tyrrhenian occupied isles off W.
Anatolia and possibly some main land area as well, then Hattic and
Tyrrhenian could be in range for such a loan without defying
traditional location of Hattian. Also a loan via the Minoans,
whatever they spoke, deserves consideration considering Mycenaean
ties with Minoan culture.

-Mr. Caws

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