Re: [tied] etymology of Irish gods

From: Dennis King
Message: 4459
Date: 2000-10-21

Continuing now:



> EITHNE (ETHNIU) , Lug's mother

Compare the common noun "etne", later "eithne", meaning
the kernel of a nut?


A reinterpretation (?) as nominative of "Cathboth", the gen.
of "Cathub". The genitive appears in ogam as CATTUBUTTAS.
Compound of "cath" (= battle; < *katu-) and *butas. Of
the second half, McManus suggests it might be "a derivative
of the root *bhau-, *bhu- 'to strike' (see Pokorny). With
*bhut-s, gen. *bhutos as a name element one can compare
*wik-s, gen. *wikos and *dek-s, gen. *dekos in LUGUVVECCA,


"bran" is pan-celtic with the meaning "raven". Vendryes
suggests it is originally a word imitating the bird's cry,
with the b- deriving from *gw- ... dunno.



> Has BODUA "crow" some IE etymology?

It's "bodb" or "badb" in OI = "scald-crow, hoodie, carrion
crow" (and one of the war goddesses, of course). Mac Bain
has some suggestions s.v. "baobh".

Hope this is some help. Now we wait for Chris to speak.

Dennis King