Re: [tied] etymology of Irish gods

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 4462
Date: 2000-10-21

Thanks Dennis

> A reinterpretation (?) as nominative of "Cathboth", the gen.
> of "Cathub". The genitive appears in ogam as CATTUBUTTAS.
> Compound of "cath" (= battle; < *katu-) and *butas. Of
> the second half, McManus suggests it might be "a derivative
> of the root *bhau-, *bhu- 'to strike' (see Pokorny). With
> *bhut-s, gen. *bhutos as a name element one can compare
> *wik-s, gen. *wikos and *dek-s, gen. *dekos in LUGUVVECCA,

*bhut- can be like Indian bhu:ta- "demon, vampire, ghost "
I think maybe there's a IE root *bhuH- "ghost, vampire, demon", including
perhaps Greek Phix < *Bhw-i-k "sphynx"

> > BRAN
> "bran" is pan-celtic with the meaning "raven". Vendryes
> suggests it is originally a word imitating the bird's cry,
> with the b- deriving from *gw- ... dunno.
bran < *gwra-n? like Latin gracus "crow" ?

> > Has BODUA "crow" some IE etymology?