Re: [tied] etymology of Irish gods

From: Dennis King
Message: 4456
Date: 2000-10-21

> João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:

> Whats the etymology/meaning of the children of
> Diancecht:

All three names exist as common nouns in Old Irish.
"Cian" means "long (in time); ancient; far away".
Interestingly, "miach" and "airmed" are both terms
for dry measures of grain, along the lines of English

As for etymologies, LEIA suggests attaching "cian"
to either *keino- (Gk. ekeinos, Lat. cis, citra) or
*kweino- (Lat. quies, Eng. while); says that "miach"
is "sans étymologie"; and identifies "airmed" as a
compound of "air" and "med" of the verb "midithir"
(weighs, measures).

There, that's a start, anyway. I'll look at the
others after dinner. By the way, if you or anyone
else on the list is interested specifically in Old
Irish, there is an active list, with archives and
subscription info at:

Dennis King