Re: The Birds - etymology found

From: HÃ¥kan Lindgren
Message: 4440
Date: 2000-10-18

I took a look around the net and this is what I found out.
Sirin is related to the Syrens of ancient Greece. In Russian mythology Sirin is a bird with a female head and forms a pair with Alkonost: Sirin is happiness and Alkonost sorrow..
Alkonost is related to Greek Halcyon.
Gamayun is described as a prophetic bird, "a personification of the mysterious fate of Russia with its tragedies & hopes."
Grifon looks to me as if it could be the creature that is called a griffin in English.
Maybe you know this already - your name looks Russian enough to me!
could anyone explain or refer to some source regarding
the etymology of the names Alkonost, Gamayun, Finist,
Sirin, Grifon, Mogol and Stratim (I am not sure about
their English spelling)? Are these birds parts of some
symbolical system?
     Marina Orelskaya