Re: The Birds - etymology found

From: Alexander Dakhov AKA Dusty
Message: 4446
Date: 2000-10-19

--- In, HÃ¥kan Lindgren <h5@...> wrote:
> I took a look around the net and this is what I found out.
> Sirin is related to the Syrens of ancient Greece. In Russian
mythology Sirin is a bird with a female head and forms a pair with
Alkonost: Sirin is happiness and Alkonost sorrow..
> Alkonost is related to Greek Halcyon.
> Gamayun is described as a prophetic bird, "a personification of the
mysterious fate of Russia with its tragedies & hopes."
> Grifon looks to me as if it could be the creature that is called a
griffin in English.
> Maybe you know this already - your name looks Russian enough to me!
> Hakan

Also I can say, that Finist is not bird name per se, but personal
name of Russian folklore hero Finist Jasnyj Sokol (clear falcon or
shining falcon - word "jasnyj" can take both meaning). Finist known
to be man, that turns to falcon (and vise versa) by "stuck self upon

Alexander Dakhov.

> Source:
> could anyone explain or refer to some source regarding
> the etymology of the names Alkonost, Gamayun, Finist,
> Sirin, Grifon, Mogol and Stratim (I am not sure about
> their English spelling)? Are these birds parts of some
> symbolical system?
> Regards,
> Marina Orelskaya