Working Text

Keyboard Encoding
English (%e) Phonetic Thai (%f) rationale
Kedmanee (%K) Kedmanee UK (%U)
Use normal (UK or US) keyboard for the selected encoding or click the keys below. The Latin letters (or '%'+letter) shown on the keys produce the Thai letter on the key. You may prefer to switch encodings by using the sequence %e, %f or %K.
Stop class M M H H L L L L
Velar ก g ข K ค k ฆ G ง x
Palatal จ j ฉ C ช c ซ z ฌ %c ญ Y
Cerebral ฎ %d ฏ %D ฐ %T ฑ %t ฒ %X ณ N
Dental ด d ต D ถ T ท t ธ X น n
Labial บ b ป B ผ P ฝ F พ p ฟ f ภ J ม m
Misc 1 ย y ร r ฤ R ล l ฦ L ว w
Misc 2 ศ S ษ Z ส s ห h ฬ W อ o ฮ H
Preposed เ e แ E โ O ใ Q ไ q
Above   ั a   ิ i   ี I   ึ v   ื V   ็ =   ํ   ๎
Below   ุ u   ู U   ฺ DEL
Tones   ่ 1   ้ 2   ๊ 3   ๋ 4   ์ \ space
Following # A  ำ M %A
Specials " ฿
Thai Digits
Arab Numerals 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

User Scratch Area

Rationale for Phonetic Thai

These character codes are designed for use by an Englishman. The design principles were:


Written by Richard Wordingham.
Tested on Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 on Winodws XP.

Known Bugs on Firefox

After inputting a Thai character, the first character of the text will always be at the top left of the text input box.   The input position in the text is correct, but the input point in long or wide text will not remain visble.

Previous Versions

Versions 0.3 (released 5 September 2004) and 1.0 (released 22 September 2004) remain available.   Neither works with Firefox.