Hi Richard, This was quickly written, and the intent was to allude to
placement of combining diacritics in some languages, something that is
managed better with some newer software, and not an issue with French
(though I suppose that one could use combining diacritics for that

Also, in my understanding of "extended Latin," that includes
characters outside of ISO-8859-1 - so, is the French ligature oe (and
OE) from 8859-15 the only true "extended Latin" character it uses, then?

The problems sometimes encountered in transmission and reading of à â
é è ë ê î ô ù their caps and I forget which others is not what I was
referring to.

Hope that covers it. Seasons greetings and Happy New Year...


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> > FYI, I put up a short page summarizing writing systems used in Africa
> > (past and present, plus some current issues) on Wikipedia at
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writing_systems_of_Africa .
> I'm intrigued by the statement, 'other questions such as the handling
> of diacritics in extended Latin scripts are still being raised'. Is
> this simply a matter of font capabilities and issues also relevant,
> say, to French?
> Richard.