Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> Following up Suzanne's recent link (thanks!) to Pinyin news, I deleted the
> tail of the URL to see what
> <>
> would yield, and under the dateline Sept. 24th, I read about Peter
> Boodberg; very interesting fellow. In a tribute to him, I noted this:

What was the occasion? He can't have been either 100 or 150 today -- 125
is credible, but do people do 125th-anniversary tributes?

He was Bill Boltz's teacher, and he even defends his penchant for
neologism that makes his work so hard to read.

> "One of his long-term interests was a bold attempt to establish a complex
> of Western graphic symbols to represent each of the 30,000 characters of
> the classical Chinese script."
Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...