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> Personally, I feel that providing virtual (onscreen)
> keyboards is also important.
> One problem with character pickers is that many are
> written for, or optimised for, Internet Explorer.

Is it possible to make a picker, or similar utility, that lives on
the computer rather than on the internet?

> Alternatively, a graphics tablet system, much like
> some i've seen for the Ethiopic script could work as
> well, although cost is again an issue.

I haven't seen that, do you mean handwriting input or a touchscreen?
> Taken into account how the written language is taught,
> what would be the best way to adapt Vai characters to
> a qwerty/azerty keyboard?

The simplest approach would be to create a Vai syllabary onscreen in
a table 7 x 25 (or up to 7 x 36, details later on recount) and have
the English consonants and vowels as Michael described. Really just
moving the syllabary chart off the wall onto the screen. Then one
could either pick the symbols directly with the mouse or type them
in by using the consonant and vowel combinations.

Those who are unfamiliar with 10 finger input they won't have
expectations of typing faster anyway.

I realize that this does sound like alphabetic input, but the
difference is that alphabet input is only an *optional* method and
not a required method. Direct input is possible.

With the new wide screens it is would be possible to have the entire
syllabary open down the right hand side of the screen beside an open
document. I notice that the new laptops are more energy efficient
and could probably last longer on a battery. I ran mine off a car
battery for 5 weeks. (We did have to drive the car once in a while:)
I just mention this to say that it would be possible to take a
laptop into areas of Africa without electricity.


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