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> How about Richard W's picker for Thai here - the same concept -
> different look.
> http://homepage.ntlworld.com/richard.wordingham/thai/entry_new.htm

I remember having a look. This time, I tried a bit, not knowing anything
about Thai (other than that I know it's Thai when I see it). Innocently,
for Thai numerals, tried the keypad (Num Lock on), and the whole image
re-sized! That was not smart. Keypad [*] restored the size; that was nice,
because some other apps. do the same thing that way.

Also tried a few letters, and concluded that with what I have, it ought to
work. There didn't seem to be any gross bugs.
Opera 8.02, 98 SE here. I use Metapad as a Notepad replacement; didn't try

The keystrokes for changing encodings are a puzzle; maybe I need to study
a bit. Shifted 5 is a % sign on mine; for "%e", should one type Shift+5,
then let go and type an [e]? Maybe Opera doesn't agree with other
browsers. In general, the % symbol seems somewhat puzzling.

I alslo had a look at the source code; was a fine idea to change the size
to "much bigger" for the Thai letters. I've done enough programming to
realize that what Richard has done is a *lot* of quite-painstaking,
detailed work, and it's a beauty! It surely looks like a labor of love; I
do hope the "Thai community" appreciates it.

Anyone with a graphics tablet and stylus, provided the whole array can be
scaled to be reachable at once, should have some decent speed after a
while, I'd think.

@@@ (Hmmm..! Anybody yet consider a graphics tablet and stylus for Vai?)
Given that one requires Vai input, and that the current Eurocentric
keyboard is inappropriate (so I gather from the snippets of this thread
that I have read so far), it should be possible to make a more-or-less
square array on-screen. Cost seems to be something of an obstacle,
unfortunately. However, a good open-source graphics program would permit
some very-expressive artistic work! (Vai calligraphy, anyone?) Btw, "@@@"
is three roses. (^_^)

I'll probably post a message about FITALY, designed for English stylus
input on handheld screens.

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