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> > > Word for Windows all but forces you to do it for any accented
> > > -- that, or memorize a bunch of arbitrary 3-digit codes.
> >
> > Go to Word Help
> WinWord, of course.
> > and search for "Insert an international character by
> > using a shortcut key." You might be pleasantly surprised.
> And if one routinely uses 15 or 20 of them?

If that's all, one defines 15 or 20 shortcuts. I was once writing
small amounts of Thai that way. I defined about 60 shortcuts for Thai
- the others characters were rare enough that 'insert symbol' was good

An alternative method is to use the automatic corrections in the
autocorruption facility - the part that changes (c) to a copyright
symbol rather than the part that changes GHz to Ghz. I've seen that
method recommended by a professional translator.