At 23:04 +0000 2005-09-02, suzmccarth wrote:

>But do you have to type the http part?

Sometimes. It depends on your browser.

>I didn't know that. I heard someone else teasing a prof about how
>she always uses google instead of the URL. I said "URL?" Then I
>tried out the expression 'URL' at school and the teachers said "Get
>lost - don't give us any computer

Well, that says a lot about US education.

>Really! It is far more important to understand the difference
>between a GIF and a TTF, that information is essential. But that
>doesn't require the typical alphabetic literacy.

Um, Suzanne, honey, the filenames are either ".gif" or ".tif" and
those filenames are written in the Latin script, and no, Cyrillci
doesn't make it work.

>Anyway, if a URL was important we used to stick it on the wall above
>the computer. You could copy it letter for letter, by its visual
>shape, glyph, whatever.

That would be using the alphabet. And indeed, it might require the
knowledge of how to link the capital and the small letter shapes.
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